The sights

With hidden paradisaical bays and many traditional villages of unique architecture, Messinia and the southwest Peloponnese, in general, await visitors who wish to explore areas of exceptional natural beauty and enjoy exciting activities.

Visitors will meet a different part of Greece in these places, which are crossroads of culture and landscape, between Taygetos and the Ionian Sea. Stunning mountain peaks, gorges, rare plants and animals, lakes, rivers and magnificent beaches complement the amazing archaeological sites of Ancient Messinian, the medieval castle, the monasteries, the stone-built traditional villages, resulting in creating an area of endless sights.

Destinations are many and varied, providing a wide range of holiday options.

castle of Methoni
Castle of Methoni
castle of Koroni
Castle of Koroni
Ancient Messene


Messinia, in general, has a polymorphic coastline consisting of beaches with sand and pebbles, green hills and emerald waters.

There are so isolated beaches and coves where guests will enjoy tranquility and privacy, as well as organized beaches that offer all the modern amenities such as water sports, beach bars, restaurants mostly known as tavernas, and cafes.

Of course visitors will probably need to explore several before they end up to their own favorite one!

Finally, worth visiting is also the mythical “Neda” river where you can go for hiking in the gorge and swim in the cold waters.

Vounaria beach
Neda river


Apart from the beautiful landscapes, visitors will be inspired by a different lifestyle and will meet locals who are in perfect harmony with the environment. The mentality of the people here has been greatly influenced by the incredibly rich history of the area, as evidenced by the abundance of historical monuments: the archaeological site of Messina, the temple of Apollo and the Byzantine fortress of Mystras, the Nestoros and Kalamata Museums, the monasteries, the castles of Koroni, Methoni and Pylos are among the places that introduce visitors to the local culture.

This culture also emphasizes the traditional craftsmanship of all kinds, from the painstaking and famous all over Greece fascinating art of pottery with the elaborately well-known “Koroneika pitharia” (Koroni’s pots), the fine art of silversmith and weaving to the brickwork and stonework, which are evident in traditional villages.

Finally, the area is famous for its gastronomy and Mediterranean food. Oil, olives, figs, raisins, wine, dairy products such as “feta” and “sfela” are some of the famous products all over Greece and the world.

Traditional kiln and the "kalliphonos" donkey
Pot from Koroni
Kiln in function